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Who we are

Our mission

The mission of CEOSS is to promote the sanctity, equity, and harmony of life. It seeks to contribute to the transformation of society by nurturing moral and spiritual awareness, enhancing a sense of belonging, promoting respect for diversity, addressing conflict, and advancing social justice for individuals and communities.

Our code of conduct

  • CEOSS adheres to religious and human values that promote justice and peace; respect pluralism and diversity; and encourage ecological conservation.
  • CEOSS works cooperatively and in partnership with national and local governmental agencies and with civil society institutions to best address the concerns and rights of society.
  • CEOSS seeks transparency with partners and donor organizations.
  • CEOSS encourages a culture in which freedom of expression and belief, democratic decision making, consensus-building, and gender equity are valued and practiced.
  • CEOSS empowers and equips workers and leaders with practical, analytical, and creative skills that empower them to achieve their goals and objectives.

Our trends and directions

  • Rights Based Approaches; Full Participation, Inclusion, Citizenship & Access to Public Service.
  • Expanding Tripartite Partnerships; CSOs, Private Sector, Public Institutions.
  • Electing Citizens Committees; Sustainability, Empowerment, Local Initiatives & Gender Balance.
  • Building Co-existence; Religion, Gender, Age.
  • Institutional Adoptive Capacity Building; Financial Management, Democratic Elections, decision making & Evaluation.

Our Areas of Intervention

  • Poverty alleviation programs among local and impoverished groups
  • Community rehabilitation programs for people with disabilities
  • Enhancing quality of education and vocational training
  • Environmental care and agricultural projects
  • Curative and preventive health care programs
  • Institutional capacity building for better performance
  • Promotion of good governance and gender equality among public and civil society institutions
  • Enhancing small and microenterprises among poor individuals and groups
  • Increasing mutual acceptance, understanding and mutual respect among different groups of society
  • Increasing understanding among policy makers, media representatives, governmental officials about the concerns of poor people
  • Mobilizing communities towards regional peace building
  • Encouraging advocacy and networking for peace building

Our Influence Locations


Our history

samuel_habib001A Brief Biography of Rev. Samuel Habib

Reverend Samuel Habib (1928-1997) was a remarkable man who changed the face of human and religious service in Egypt. The founder of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services, Rev. Habib was also a leader in the Evangelical (Presbyterian) Church of Egypt and president of the Protestant Churches of Egypt.

Rev. Habib used his role to strengthen cross-cultural and inter-faith understanding, peacebuilding, and dialogue in the region. An author and a professor, Rev. Habib was an influential leader in both the local and international scene.

Educational Achievements

  • Ordained, Presbyterian Synod of the Nile (1952) as a pastor of specialized services (Christian publishing) in the Evangelical Church of Egypt
  • Honorary doctorate degrees:

Musk Ingham College, Ohio, USA (1982)

St. Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada (1994)

Westminster College, Pennsylvania, USA (1995)

National and International Service

  • President, Protestant Churches of Egypt (1980-1997)
  • Founder, Joint Committee for Dialogue with the Coptic Orthodox Church (1988)
  • Founding Member, Association of Christian Lay Centers in Africa (1971)
  • Founding Member, Central Committee of the World Association for Christian Communication (1977-1989)
  • Founding Member, League of Islamic and Arab Nations headed by President Sadat (1980-1982)
  • Member of the Executive Committee, Middle East Council of Churches (1994-1997)
  • Board Member, Habitat for Humanity International
  • President, Fellowship of the Middle East Evangelical Churches (1991-1997)
  • Recognized as one of three key international figures working to eradicate illiteracy in the International Year for the Promotion of Literacy (1990)


  • Authored and translated over 70 books in the fields of psychology, development, management, and theological studies
  • Founder, Risalet El Nour (1956), the first Egyptian development magazine
  • Co-Founder, Eagles Wings (1959), one of the first magazines of the Egyptian Christian renewal movement
  • Editor-in-Chief, El-Huda, the magazine of the Evangelical Church of Egypt

Samuel Habib Award:

CEOSS established this award that includes

  • The first is for a social leader or an NGO that played a role in helping the society regardless of sex, race or religion. The value of this award is 50,000 pounds.
  • The second is for a Christian leader that believes and works with the same mission. The value of this award is 50,000 pounds.

The selection of winners is done by a distinguished group of intellectuals and social and scientific expertise of the Egyptian society.


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